America’s healthcare system is fundamentally broken and a single-payer healthcare system will save millions of lives.

For the first time in a decade, the number of Americans without health insurance actually rose in 2018—by two million people. A staggering 27.5 million Americans, or 8.5% of the population, went completely uninsured. In the richest nation in the history of the world, this is unconscionable.

No person should avoid necessary medical treatment because they are afraid they cannot afford it. No person should go into debt for accessing the care they need. No person should be forced to beg friends and neighbors for money for expensive treatment. 

Health care is a human right. That’s why I support Medicare for All. Together, we can:

Reproductive Rights
Reproductive rights are under attack across the country. Medicare for All would cover reproductive services including abortion. I also support repealing the Hyde Amendment because I believe abortion is healthcare, and healthcare is a human right.

Maternal Health
In New York State, 54 Black women died for every 100,000 births -- four times the maternal mortality rate of white women. This is a tragic moral and political failure. Lack of quality health care and systemic racism are major factors to address here and Medicare for All will confront both racial and gender disparities in our health care system.

While the current leadership has failed to produce results, Jamaal has been successfully fighting for families in the state.