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Jamaal Bowman laughing with his arms around two men. The man on the left has a beard and the man to the left has glasses.


Our movement is a movement to save lives, whether that is combating the COVID-19 pandemic that ravaged New York or transforming our corrupt, inefficient, for-profit health care system that leaves millions uninsured and struggling to afford basic care.


Jamaal saw the racial disparity for access to the lifesaving COVID-19 vaccine and took direct action to open vaccination sites in our district:

  • Yonkers FEMA Vaccination Site 

  • Co-op City NYC Vaccination Site 

  • Capacity: 1,000 vaccinations a day


Jamaal launched his first campaign for Congress during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, driven by the drastic toll he saw the virus take on his community. He vowed to not only drive back the coronavirus, but demand the federal government meet the magnitude of the moment and deliver lifesaving support for working people.

Jamaal led the fight for a progressive, far-reaching stimulus package, speaking out for direct emergency payments for all Americans, expanding the child tax credit and issuing a moratorium on evictions and mortgage, rent, and debt payments. 

When the vaccine finally arrived, Jamaal saw the unacceptable vaccination disparity for Black and brown neighborhoods and took immediate action. Due to his advocacy, FEMA opened a vaccination site in Yonkers and New York City opened a vaccination site in Co-op City, each site with the capacity to vaccinate 1,000 people a day. 


America’s health care system is fundamentally broken. We must guarantee health care as a human right and save millions of lives. The solution is found in nearly every other wealthy country across the globe: A single-payer system that guarantees comprehensive health care coverage not tied to your job.

No person should avoid necessary medical treatment because they are afraid they cannot afford it. No person should go into debt for accessing the care they need. No person should be forced to beg friends and neighbors for money for expensive treatment.


No Premiums, No Deductibles, No Copays: Working families are drowning in rising copays, deductibles and premiums. With Medicare for All, you have comprehensive coverage free at the point of service, no fees. In addition, there are no more confusing networks that limit what doctors you can visit and no more surprise bills. 


Expanded Coverage: For a vast majority of America, Medicare for All will build on your current coverage, with free dental, vision, hearing, reproductive and mental health coverage included for all. 


Cut Costs: Currently, massive insurance and pharmaceutical companies drive excessive administrative costs throughout our health care system. Medicare for All will streamline our entire health care system, removing excessive hospital administration and billing costs. 


Lower Prescription Prices: Big pharma is ripping off the American people. Medicare for All puts their power in check and allows the government to negotiate lower prescription drug and medical device prices. 

Reproductive Rights: Women’s rights to control their own body are under attack across the country, jeopardizing the lives of women. Medicare for All would cover reproductive services, including abortion.


Maternal Health: ‍In New York State, 54 Black women die for every 100,000 births, four times the maternal mortality rate of white women. Medicare for All will confront both racial and gender disparities in our health care system.


In order to build healthier communities, we must center and elevate the work of care workers – from family caregivers to home health aides and nursing home workers. Yet those who do this work – disproportionately Black and brown women, often immigrants – are under-supported, undervalued and under-compensated, if compensated at all.

Jamaal Bowman introduced the Care for All Agenda to address this disparity, combat inequality and dramatically expand the care economy. The Care for All Agenda entails raising pay, benefits, protections, and standards for all care workers, ensuring pathways to unionization, and creating millions of new care jobs over the next decade. Care For All means we must invest in universal public programs to guarantee high-quality health care, home care, child care, and paid family and medical leave to all people.

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