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Republican megadonors are working to defeat Congressman Jamaal Bowman. Make sure you know the facts about their lies. 


Republican megadonors at AIPAC have pledged to spend $100 million against progressive candidates of color like Jamaal Bowman in 2024 through their Super PAC, the United Democracy Project (UDP). 9 of this Super PAC’s top 10 donors are Donald Trump’s megadonors and Republican billionaires. Now, those same GOP megadonors are using UDP to spend millions of Republican dollars targeting our Democratic Congressman Jamaal Bowman and spread lies. 


You will see millions of dollars of Republican-funded attack ads saying Rep. Jamaal Bowman refuses to work with President Biden, when in reality Rep. Bowman co-wrote the CHIPS and Science Act, one of President Biden’s hallmark accomplishments, and was instrumental in passing the President’s landmark Inflation Reduction Act. Throughout his time in Congress, Jamaal has been a staunch ally of President Biden’s, voting with him 93.8% of the time. When corporate-backed politicians like Joe Manchin gutted President Biden’s agenda for childcare, healthcare, education, and crucial social services, Jamaal defended and fought for President Biden’s FULL Build Back Better agenda—including the infrastructure bill and the Build Back Better Act. That’s why key Democratic leaders like Democratic House Leader Hakeem Jeffries and organizations like Planned Parenthood and 1199SEIU endorse and support Jamaal in this election. 

AIPAC and UDP are projected to spend tens of millions of dollars trying to unseat Bowman not only because he supports a ceasefire in Gaza, but because he’s on the frontlines fighting the MAGA extremists in Congress that AIPAC endorses. UDP’s Republican megadonors fear what he has accomplished and what he represents: a working-class leader who defends our fundamental rights and freedoms, fights for our community, and is unafraid to take on wealthy corporate special interests and CEOs.

Who are AIPAC and UDP?

The American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) launched a Super PAC, the United Democracy Project (UDP), in the 2022 election cycle. 


In just one cycle, UDP spent over $26 million in just 9 Democratic primaries. At the end of 2022, AIPAC’s Super PAC had spent 86% of its $26 million targeting Democrats of color — the other 14% was against Jewish Democratic member of Congress and former synagogue president, Andy Levin


While they largely target members of Congress who have spoken out in support of Palestinian human rights and pro-peace policies like a ceasefire, their ads attacking those members never mention Israel even once. Instead, they focus on spreading disinformation and playing on racist tropes, attempting to paint Black and brown Democrats as disloyal to the Democratic Party.

Who funds AIPAC and UDP?

Although UDP primarily spends in Democratic primaries, it is funded by far-right Republicans. Nine of the top ten megadonors to UDP last cycle were Republican billionaires, who alongside funding George Latimer, also fund people like Donald Trump, Ron Desantis, Lee Zeldin, and Ted Cruz.

These MAGA megadonors have funneled more than $40 million into UDP just this cycle alone. Some of the most prominent Republican megadonors who fund UDP, which is spending millions to support George Latimer, include:  

  • Bernard Marcus, who has given at least $3 million and is known “one of the most significant megadonors to the Republican Party.” A review of his contributions above $100,000 revealed more than $53 million in contributions to Republican political groups, including $7 million to Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign. Marcus said he would continue funding Trump even if Trump is convicted.

  • Paul Singer, who has given $2 million to UDP alone, and over $80 million to Republican political groups in the past decade, including a $1 million contribution as recently as June 2023 to the Senate Leadership Fund (a PAC dedicated to helping Republicans gain a majority in the Senate). Singer is also infamous for bribing Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito with free private jet flights in exchange for favorable rulings.

  • Jan Koum, who gave $7 million to UDP, and $5 million to GOP presidential candidate Nikki Haley.

AIPAC’s spending and endorsements have also exposed deep alignment with far-right Republicans and Donald Trump's MAGA extremism. AIPAC has endorsed over 200 anti-abortion Republican extremists who support abortion bans and attacks on IVF, and endorsed over 100 insurrectionist Republicans who voted against certifying President Biden’s 2020 election results and won’t commit to certifying the results in 2024 if President Biden wins re-election.

Who is AIPAC
Why are Republican megadonors attacking Jamaal Bowman?

Donald Trump’s MAGA megadonors want to remove one of their most popular and powerful Democratic critics from Congress. Jamaal is everything Republican megadonors fear: a working class politician who understands our greatest struggles because he’s lived those struggles himself. As a champion for public education, abortion rights, gun violence prevention, and democracy reform, there is no greater threat to the MAGA extremism than Jamaal Bowman.


Raised by a single mother in public housing, Jamaal Bowman is a lifelong fighter for justice and liberation, first as the founder and principal of a top-ranked public school in the Bronx, and now as our proven progressive champion in Congress.


We elected him twice because he is fighting to guarantee the right to abortion care, protect our democracy, end gun violence, work towards peace, and protect the planet for the next generation. 


He has made a name for himself in Congress by standing up to MAGA, defeating the NRA to ban ghost guns nationwide, and working with President Biden to pass the CHIPS and Science Act and the biggest climate legislation in history.


No wonder Trump donors want to buy our seat. And no wonder we’ll elect Jamaal Bowman for a third time.

Why are they after Jamaal Boma
What you can do to stop MAGA megadonors from buying this seat.

Support Jamaal Bowman and his campaign against Super PACs funded by MAGA extremists. Just like in 2020, we can show Donald Trump’s megadonors we have the power of the people. 


This race is about the work Jamaal Bowman has done to take on MAGA extremism and lead with love and empathy. This is about his fight for working families, quality public education, gun violence prevention, affordable housing, and so much more. This race is about Jamaal's unshakeable vision for a better world, and all the real wins he's delivered for his community against right-wing interests.


Plug in to Team Bowman, and help us defend our democracy against Republican extremists and ensure the voice of our community is heard: 

What You Can Do
Get the facts
What was the reason for Jamaal Bowman’s vote on the 2021 Infrastructure bill?

Jamaal Bowman supported the infrastructure funding bill, but voted to protect the even stronger Democratic policies in the full Build Back Better (BBB) package. This act in service of his constituents and Democrats across the country led to the inclusion of tens of billions of dollars of funding for climate action — the largest ever in US history — as well as key drug price reforms like the capping of insulin at $35 for Medicare patients in the Inflation Reduction Act. While corporate-backed politicians like Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema fought to gut President Biden’s agenda, Jamaal used his vote to push for more of the party’s agenda, and won. That’s the kind of leadership we need.

How did Jamaal Bowman vote on the debt ceiling? 

As Congressman Bowman and his colleagues sought to negotiate a debt ceiling last year, Republicans tried to manufacture a political crisis over the debt limit in order to circumvent the normal budget process and pursue their right-wing goals unilaterally. Throughout these negotiations, Republicans' only agenda was to slash programs for working families and vulnerable Americans, and take us further from the policies we need to ensure a livable climate, union jobs, and accessible education for all. 

Like the majority of the New York delegation in the House — including Reps. Clarke, Velázquez, Torres, and Espaillat — Rep. Bowman could not in good conscience endorse a bill that unnecessarily paired a debt limit increase with attacks on the poor and marginalized, and that threatened our shared future with more giveaways to the fossil fuel industry. This harmful agreement revoked $28 billion in COVID-19 relief funds, imposed cruel and racist work requirements on older adults who rely on the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), and wiped out over $20 billion for the IRS, kneecapping the agency’s ability to hold wealthy tax evaders accountable for robbing working Americans.

How has Jamaal Bowman worked with Democrats to pass crucial laws?

The Congressman has introduced over 50 bills, resolutions, and amendments. His resolution to condemn the white nationalist and antisemitic Great Replacement Theory—espoused by many of AIPAC’s endorsed candidates—was cosponsored by 147 other Democrats. He was chosen by House Democratic leadership to be one of the two freshmen members to conference with the Senate for the CHIPS and Science Act, one of President Biden’s hallmark accomplishments – which also included two of his bills on STEM education. His work with President Biden has led to executive action banning ghost guns as well as the Blueprint for a Renter’s Bill of Rights, which has led to a rent cap for properties that use the low income housing tax credit. Representative Bowman proudly represents New York on the Committee on Education and the Workforce, is a ranking member of the Subcommittee on Energy, and has been endorsed by House Democratic leadership, including House Democratic Leader Hakeem Jeffries, House Democratic Whip Kathleen Clark, and House Democratic Caucus Chair Pete Aguilar. 

Representative Bowman welcomed Vice President Kamala Harris to his district as they worked together to pass President Biden’s Build Back Better agenda, and during the 2022 midterms traveled across the country to get out the vote in key Black and brown communities in battleground states. Whether in Congress or on the campaign trail, Jamaal Bowman is proud to work alongside his Democratic colleagues to fight for a democracy that works for all of us.

What has Jamaal Bowman done for the district?

After decades of our needs being ignored by corporate-backed career politicians, we elected Jamaal Bowman to bring our collective voice and needs to Congress. His leadership channels our call for more holistic solutions that unlock the potential of all people, not just those in the ‘right’ neighborhoods. This includes:


  • Winning over $1 billion in resources for the teachers, care providers, affordable housing, and green jobs that our district’s working class needs to thrive

  • Working with the Biden administration to turn a tragedy in New Rochelle into federal “ghost gun” regulation nationwide, to create the first-ever federal Office of Gun Violence Prevention, and to secure millions in funding for gun violence prevention and intervention programs in New York

  • Authoring vital equity provisions in the President Biden's signature CHIPS and Science Act to ensure manufacturing and tech investments reach economically disadvantaged and marginalized communities

  • Holding the line with the Biden Administration to pass the Inflation Reduction Act, the single most significant piece of climate legislation in US history.


His work has directly supported communities across the district, including:


  • Secured major game-changing transit investments for the Bronx and Westchester, including a train station for Co-Op City and upgrades to New Rochelle station

  • $88,000,000 for flood mitigation efforts in Mamaroneck through work on H.R. 5305 alongside Senator Charles Schumer and Senator Kristen Gillibrand

  • $3,000,000 for Montefiore Medical Center to expand Behavioral Health Clinics in Westchester County Public Schools (New Rochelle, Yonkers, Mount Vernon) 

  • $2,560,000 for Westchester County for a Study of the Lake Isle Dam to promote safety, flood mitigation, and environmental justice in Southern Westchester

  • $2,001,503 for the Bronx Community Health Network for a new Health and Wellness Center in the Northeast Bronx

  • $2,000,000 for Westhab, Inc. for Yonkers Housing and Small Business Development

  • $1,125,000 for Justice Innovation Inc. for a New Rochelle Community Youth Violence Intervention Initiative

  • $999,000 for the Mount Vernon Youth Bureau for Safe Place 4 Our Girls

  • $750,000 for the Village of Hastings-on-Hudson for Geothermal Heat Pump System Installation

  • $100,000 for the Hispanic Resource Center of Larchmont & Mamaroneck


But this is just the beginning. When re-elected, Rep. Bowman will work with President Biden to expand healthcare, end student debt, protect abortion rights, preserve Social Security and Medicare, protect our planet for the next generation, and guarantee an A+ education for every child.

What is Jamaal Bowman’s position on Israel and Palestine?

Jamaal Bowman is proud to be one of Congress’ most outspoken voices for peace, joining the vast majority of people in the Bronx and Westchester, as well as the majority of Democrats, in calling for a lasting ceasefire and a pathway to peace. He demonstrated moral courage as an original cosponsor of the Congressional Ceasefire resolution because he saw firsthand on a trip to Israel and the West Bank in 2021 how violence and division endangers both Israelis and Palestinians.


Congressman Bowman immediately condemned the atrocious violence committed by Hamas on October 7th, and today stands with the majority of the region, Israelis and Palestinians alike, in calling for a change in leadership that prioritizes the safety of all. As Benjamin Netanyahu’s MAGA-style government sets the region further on fire for his own political benefit, Congressman Bowman joins calls from Senator Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, and the thousands of Israelis marching in the streets—including the families of Israeli hostages—for new elections, of leaders who prioritize a safe release of all hostages, and lasting peace. 


Additionally, Congressman Bowman has met with the families of Israeli hostages, and voted yes on H.Res. 966 condemning all instances of sexual violence committed by Hamas. He also authored an additional statement after the vote making clear that he equally condemns all gender-based and sexual violence experienced by Palestinian people, writing that “every survivor, whether Israeli or Palestinian, deserves justice, empathy, and healing.” 

What has Jamaal Bowman done to fight antisemitism?

While Republican-funded Super PACs and their endorsed politicians try to pit us against each other by spreading division and misinformation, Congressman Bowman has always fought for all of us, which means tackling the machinery of hate that fuels antisemitism head on. It’s why he introduced and passed a House Resolution condemning the anti-Semitic “Great Replacement Theory” cited by the Tree of Life Synagogue shooter, and will never stop calling out AIPAC-endorsed Republicans like Mike Johnson for spreading anti-Semitism. It’s why when anti-Semitism has occurred locally, he has been quick to condemn it, and make it clear that hate has no home in our community.  And it’s why he is endorsed by a host of Jewish organizations like the Jewish Vote and Bend The Arc: Jewish Action, who have formed an entire coalition called “Jews for Jamaal”.

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