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Jamaal Bowman smiling for a photo with climate organizers at an event in New York


The climate crisis is already damaging our communities in New York, from deadly flooded basements to asthma-inducing dirty air. It will require a mass mobilization to combat climate change. The scale, scope and urgency of this issue surpasses anything we have faced in generations, and the Green New Deal is the only solution that matches our current crisis.

It’s time to rewrite the social contract and create a nation where all of us share in our prosperity, not just those on top. Millions of families were left out of the original New Deal and we must repair the wounds of our history if we are ever to fulfill the promise of this nation. Our district can lead in clean energy production, create millions of new jobs and fight pollution-related diagnoses like asthma, which disproportionately plague Black and Latino children.
We have to act today to keep ourselves, our neighbors and our children safe tomorrow:


Move Rapidly To 100% Clean and Renewable Energy By 2030


We must fully transition to a 100% clean and renewable energy economy. That means investing in wind, solar and geothermal energy and upgrading every building, home, and mode of transportation in this country through a mobilization of our economy that we haven’t seen since World War 2.


Repair and Upgrade Infrastructure 


Our infrastructure is crumbling. Our roads, bridges, dams, waterways, transit, drinking water, waste and more are falling apart and badly in need of repair. Fixing and upgrading our infrastructure to meet carbon-free standards will require massive investment and create millions of jobs, spur our economy and guarantee our future.


The Green New Deal for Public Schools


Jamaal Bowman’s Green New Deal for Public Schools is a transformative and unprecedented investment that puts young people at the center of our national response to the crises of climate change. Learn more here

Federal Jobs Guarantee: 


Every American who wants a job should be able to find one. The transition to a clean energy system will create more than enough jobs for every American who wants one to be able to get one.


Environmental Justice: 

We must confront environmental racism by creating an Environmental Justice Fund to deal with systemic issues like lead in drinking water and toxic air pollution that is causing asthma in Black and Latinx communities.


Hold Corporate Polluters Accountable: 


We must use every legal and political means to hold fossil fuel billionaires and corporate polluters accountable for their lies, end rebates to the fossil fuel industry and hold them criminally responsible.


Invest in Public Housing: 

We must retrofit all public housing toward green energy and promote the building of new public housing units as laid out in recent legislation by Representative Ocasio-Cortez and Representative Omar. NYCHA has been neglected for decades. We need a Green New Deal for public housing.


Just Transition: 


We must prioritize investment in and training for workers currently employed in the fossil fuel industry and communities heavily impacted by the extraction economy so that no worker or community is left behind.


Strengthen Unions:


Democracy cannot thrive without healthy and vibrant unions, and they are joining the fight. Unions recognize that fossil fuel jobs are going away, and we will support them through a just transition as our nation moves toward a more secure, green future.


A Global Movement: 

We must promote trade that grows and empowers labor and foreign policy and moves us toward 100% clean and renewable energy abroad. The US military is the biggest polluter on the planet, so decreasing our military spending will go a long way toward saving the planet. The climate crisis is an opportunity to finally discard our weapons and fear of each other to come together and save the planet. 

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