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Women’s rights are human rights. Rep. Bowman has always been a strong supporter in the fight for women’s rights, gender equality, and reproductive freedom. Jamaal has voted, and will always vote for, equal pay, equal rights, and abortion rights. 


Reproductive Rights

Reproductive health care is essential healthcare. Every person should have access to the healthcare they need, and that includes access to abortion.


Jamaal knows we need to expand access to reproductive healthcare and ensure everyone has safe, legal, and affordable access to abortions, family planning, and birth control. As reproductive rights continue to be under attack it continues to be clear the need for legislation like Medicare for All that would cover reproductive services, including abortion. In 2023 Rep. Bowman was an original cosponsor of and voted for H.R. 12, the Women’s Health Protection Act.


Equal Pay

Equal pay for equal work. It’s that simple. Women continue to have unfair disadvantages in the workforce, from hiring practices to unequal wages. Jamaal believes we need to guarantee everyone is paid fairly for the work they do, regardless of gender. That’s why Rep. Bowman led a letter urging the Biden administration to prioritize ratification of the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women.


Ending Violence Against Women

Women continue to face violence in our communities, especially women of color, immigrant women, and LGBTQ+ women. We need to come together to create comprehensive solutions to end violence and opression against women.


Jamaal has fought to pass legislation like the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) to ensure survivors, especially those in marginalized communities are supported. The VAWA also ensures funding is going to community-based services to support women locally.

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